Payment and Shipping

Shop with confidence

Shop with confidence

You can order from Distromedia via PayPal or Bank wire.

The transaction will be processed by PayPal, an external financial service provider. During the checkout process you will be redirected to PayPal and pay with your account there. Your data will not be transferred to Distromedia. After verifications have been completed by PayPal your order will then be processed.

Sorry, we do not accept money orders or personal checks.

Click the item you would like to purchase. Customize your shirt by choosing a style, color and size you like. Once complete, an “ADD TO CART” button will appear. Click it to go to the cart. Continue through the cart by entering your shipping details, choosing your payment method, verifying your details and so forth.

You may also sign up to become a Distromedia Member to make ordering more efficient in the future, to receive future “member’s only” discounts and to be entered into a weekly “members only” t-shirt giveaway. If you are placing an order, you will be given a chance to sign up before checking out. If you would like to sign up now, please click here: Sign up for an Account.

These are some of the most common solutions to ordering problems.

  • Make sure to enter the exact billing address appearing on your statement.
  • Try restarting your computer (that seems to work for many).
  • Try on a friend’s computer (this always works).
  • If these solutions don’t work, please Contact Us.

We ship to Worlwide / internationally.
All order are available to ship within 2 – 5  business day.
Woldwide within 10-25 busines day arrives.

We are unable to grant requests to send our packages via EMS or other Express shipping, even if you want to use your own account.